Miroirs Etendus

Contemporary music ensemble, Miroirs Étendus is led by the conductor Fiona Monbet and the pianist Romain Louveau. The company collaborates with artists from a range of artistic fields to pioneer new and contemporary approaches to opera, recital and concert. Miroirs Étendus is in residence with the Opéra de Rouen-Normandie, the Opéra de Lille and the Théâtre Impérial de Compiègne.

Our team of talented artists work together to employ a variety of sound and specialisation techniques. Our productions are based on writing processes that treat both the stage and music as an open canvas – genres can range from contemporary to electronic. To us, opera is simply a musical way of telling a story; all other questions, such as ‘what’ and ‘how’, depend on the meaning we wish to convey.

Aside from musical shows Miroirs Étendus also presents recitals and concerts with a dramaturgic style of chamber music, elaborated by theatre directors. Miroirs Étendus’ seasons offer a new vision of opera by shaking up the classical repertoire, presenting contemporary works, creating new pieces, appealing to modern-day audiences and proposing dubbed chamber music and recitals.